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equipment available, you will receive the highest quality copy in the industry.

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Key Benefits of X-Ray Copy with

X-Ray Copy Service Include:


x-ray duplication



Superb Quality.
X-Ray Copy Service uses the best equipment available to the industry.







Digital X-Ray Duplication .
Digital duplication offers many advantages over dark room produced copies. Fine adjustments can be made to produce that perfect x-ray copy each and everytime from our Fuji Drypix 5000.







You can depend on X-Ray Copy Service to precisely duplicate your x-rays same day and that your job returns quickly.





X-Ray Copy Service has an unblemish record handling your x-rays. You can feel confident that your x-rays will receive our maximum attention from the time we get your x-rays until the time we deliver your x-rays.




hipaa compliance with x-ray copy service



HIPAA Compliant.
X-Ray Copy Service provides x-ray film duplication and digital imaging services that are HIPAA compliant.





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There are two different methods of duplicating x-rays. Digital duplication is far more superior than the old darkroom method.


1. The darkroom method. This method relies heavily upon various technical factors that Radiologic Technologists have been trained in. Copying x-rays over and over again will also degrade the copy which is know as generation loss. Generation loss can be minimized by proper duplication techniques during every copy process. Quite frequently untrained personel are utilized to duplicate x-rays. Incorrect techniques results in poor quality x-ray copies. The results are unforgiving. Once the x-ray has lost its diagnostic value your case may be over.


X-Ray Copy Service only employs Radiologic Technologists that possess the knowledge of x-ray duplication.


NOTE: X-Ray Copy Service no longer uses this method and is now completely digital.



2. The digital duplication method. This method offers many advantages over the darkroom method. Simply the x-rays are scanned and then sent to a lazer x-ray printer. Slight overall density and contrast changes can be made to optimize to copy to be more exact. Resolution loss from generation copying ends here. Today, tomorrow, next month or next year, the copy will be the same high quality copy each and every time the x-ray is printed. The Radiologic Technologist's most valueable skill is to know what an x-ray is suppose to look like.



Frequently Asked Questions About Film Digitization (FAQ):


1. how quickly can I get my copies back?

Generally we can complete a job up to 50 films copied in the same day as long as we receive the films before 10:30am EST. For orders over 50 films we may need overnight to complete.


2. How do I get my x-ray to X-Ray Copy Service and know they will be secure?

We recommend using FedEx. They offer reliable tracking capibilities and deliver directly to our office twice daily. We prefer to use FedEx to return your x-rays as well.


3. I have already had my x-rays copied by x-ray copy service. How do I get another copy?

At X-Ray Copy Service we keep all digital copy films on file on our secure servers. All you need to do is just call us and we can ship your copies same day. With the same quality as given previously. This reduces transit time 1 full day resulting in you having your copies tomorrow or today if you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area.



X-Ray Copy Service uses advanced techniques in the duplication of your x-rays known as digital duplication. Very few copy companies offer this product. This method reduces errors made by personel using the darkroom method.











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