Digital X-Ray Imaging (X-Ray Scanning)


The Future Is Digital. Digital and virtual work enviornments have begun

and will continue to expontentially grow in this digital world. Using a Picture

Archiving and Communication System (PACS), you can experience secure, enhanced

viewing capabilites of your x-ray or medical images at your fingertips. Other popular

formats such as JPG, TIFF or even PDF are available. 



Key Benefits of Digital Imaging with

X-Ray Copy Service Include:



digital xray



Enhanced Viewing Capability:
By using digital imagery, features such as zoom, polarization, cropping, and image manipulation is possible to enhance film review and analysis.







Low Expense For Copies or Media:
By having your x-rays digitized, you can produce unlimited copies of the media (CD, DVD, etc.). Archived film can be printed the same day, reducing turn around time.




Digital X-Rays are More Versatile:
We can convert your film into various image formats, including .jpg and DICOM. Digital files can be easily viewed, imported, exported, emailed, or printed for exhibits, etc.






Digital X-Rays in Presentations:
Digitzed X-Rays allow you to present your X-Rays in different settings. Whether it be in your home, office, conference room or in court room.

Your X-Rays are easily displayed.






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Frequently Asked Questions About Film Digitization (FAQ):

1. What file types can my films be digitized to?

We can convert your x-ray images into a variety of file formats recognized by many third party applications and PACS systems. They include jpg, gif, tiff, pdf as well as DICOM files. If you have a special request or need another format, our technical team would be more than happy to accommodate your request. Contact us for more information.


2. Can X-Ray Copy Service print hard copy x-rays from my existing digital images?
Yes, of course we can! We are able to print hard copy x-rays in their original sizes, commonly 8x10, 10x12, and 14x17.


3. How long does it take to digitize my films?
Depending on the time received and job size usually we can digitize your x-rays same day.  For larger projects (50-150 x-rays) and receiving late in the day, you can expect that X-Ray Copy Service will return the next day. For extremlely larger (over 150 x-rays) X-Ray Copy Service will complete within reasonable expectations. This is defined before we start your project.


4. What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?
You guessed it... it's a way to transfer files. A protocol is simply a method to follow in order to get something done. When a protocol is established, everyone knows what to do and more importantly what to expect.

FTP is an established way for machines to talk to one another and exchange information, usually files, in a quick fashion. There is a greeting, a transfer of information, and a goodbye.
FTP is a free service that X-Ray Copy Service provides to all customers. You do not need special software to access your files, just an internet connection and an FTP compatible browser (i.e. Explorer or Safari).


5. How does FTP (File Transfer Protocol) work?
FTP By going to any page of our website and clicking on FTP Login. You will start the FTP process. By using you username and passord you gain access to your own secure personal space on our FTP website. There you can upload file to X-Ray Copy Service or receive file from X-Ray Copy Service.


6. I have a CD of my images. Can you print the images and also copy the CD?
Yes! In addition to printing hard copy x-ray images onto the film size of your choice, we can copy your CD and ensure proper operation of third party applications embedded for viewing.


7. I have a very large film inventory and would like to digitize my environment. Is X-Ray Copy Service capable of this type of service?
Regardless of your location, we can provide you with prompt, professional service to streamline your file room into a digital environment. Each customer has different circumstance. We recommend that you contact us for a consultation.


8. Am I able to get multiple copies of my digitized x-rays or CD’s?
Yes.  X-Ray Copy Service digitizes every x-ray we handle and store them on our secure (PACS).  This allows us to produce exact copies upon request.  Just request another copy and we'll deliver or ship your order the same day.


9. How do you ensure quality of digital film?
A high quality medical film digitizer is used to digitize your film.  Once the x-ray is digitized it retains it diagnostic information virtually indefinitely, no matter how many copies you produce.  Hard copied x-rays will no longer suffer generation image loss and CD’s are the same.




Do you still view your x-rays this way?

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